Outputs of the EDUSC project

The Erasmus+ KA2 project ‘European Digital University Staff Competencies’ (EDUSC) is a two years project launched in November 2022 with the aim to support and accelerate digitalisation in higher education. By training staff members in digital competencies while utilising modern and digital teaching methodology, staff members are encouraged to become digital internationalisation stewards and join a community of ambassadors for digital transformation that benefits the whole sector. 

The most important outcome of the project is an online platform that offers two different free online trainings: 

– Virtual mobilities (related to IO2): this 20 hours course is about Covid-19 and virtual mobility and focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on the virtual mobility program by considering the impact of the lockdown and mobility constraints on the academic offer for the virtual mobility;

– Digital education (IO3): this 11 hours course addresses the six levels of Bloom’s taxonomy for the cognitive domain for learners and the different competences that educators can use to help themself find the most appropriate method for orchestrating their classes. Each module is dedicated to one level, starting from the most basic A1 (Lecture), to the most advanced C2 (Expert).  


Furthemore, two articles have been published respectively in September 2021 and September 2022 that present the framework created specifically for IO3: Educational Pyramids Aligned:Bloom’s Taxonomy, the DigCompEduFramework and Instructional DesignsProgramming Teaching Interaction.