2nd staff training in Rome Tor Vergata focuses on virtual mobility

In the context of the EDUSC project, a training on Virtual exchanges and policies was held at the University of Rome Tor Vergata on 13-14 and 15 July. This is the second staff training implemented by the project (the first was held in Madrid in June by UC3M).

During the first day of the training, participants had the possibility to hear from best practice of virtual mobility before the mobility and learn about different solutions that may be implemented for developing a virtual mobility program. Participants constructed the best strategy for a virtual mobility program for their home institution by analysing their flows of students by Country and by Area and by identifying the most relevant markets for virtual mobility.

The focus of the second training day was to analyse the change in the approach to mobility during the pandemic period by focusing on the differences among different scientific areas and the other geographical regions. The discussion was based on a survey submitted to HEIs in Europe in 2021. Participants were involved in a roundtable discussion to exchange their experiences on mobility programs during the Covid-19.

The last day focused on opportunities and risks in developing virtual mobility programs starting from the pandemic experience. The analysis will focus on a SWOT analysis of Blended Intensive Programs, Collaborative International Online Learning, Dual and double degrees, and joint degrees. Participants worked in groups for evaluating different types of real case studies in order to evaluate the best practices for selecting the type and the mix of academic offering for a virtual mobility.